Posted by: NAMS | February 1, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Leadership Trip

On November 7th and 8th forty 8th grade students attended a field trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos for a Leadership conference.  The only students that were able to go were in 8th grade and part of one of the following clubs:

  • Best Buddies
  • Student Council
  • SADD
  • Eagle Ambassadors
  • Eagle Vision
  • NJHS
  • Orchestra
  • Drama

Each club only had a certain amount of spots they could fill making it hard for all students in the club to attend. 

            The first half of the day on November 7th the students were allowed to go to the water park.  From there they broke into different groups and the club advisors and administration had different stations set up around Great Wolf Lodge.  Each station helped the students learn how to become better leaders and speakers.  Afterwards they grouped back together as one and ate dinner. 

            The next day the students were grouped together by their clubs and talked about how they could apply the skills they learned to school and in their everyday life.  Overall, it was a successful experience and I hope the students who get to go next year enjoy it as much as we did!


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